Friday, January 14, 2011


Life can be such a fragile thing.  One moment, it's teeming, thriving, and excelling.  The next, it can be gone.  In the course of this world, people come and go; it is the way of life.

At times of sorrow, when one life ends, one you knew who brings you pain, remember that his or her life does not end.  Sure, the physical body in this sphere of existence is gone, but there is a life after Earth.

In my church, we are taught about something called the Plan of Salvation.  This same plan is known also as the Plan of Redemption, and the Plan of Happiness.  When taught, the teachers explain that we lived as spirits of God in what we have termed the pre-mortal existence.  After a war in Heaven, we elected to come to Earth to receive a body, and that one day, after we died, we would live again with God in His Kingdom.  (If you want to know more about this plan, visit or find the local LDS missionaries.)

You see, when we die, our spirits live on.  All Christians believe that Christ was resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion.  Because of this act and His Atonement, our spirits and our bodies will one day be reunited.  We will be able to be with our families and friends.  And it is possible for us to live with God forever.

So just remember, when a life ends on this Earth, it is not over.  You will see that person again.  Though the sorrow and pain of the loss is immediate and you want nothing more than to be with them, just wait.  The time will come when you will.  This life is but a moment in the vast span of our existence.

Just live your life doing the best that you can, settling all the regrets you have.  All is not lost.

The inspiration for this post was wrought by the death of one of my classmates.  I will not pretend to have known him on a personal level, but from what I saw of him he was kind, caring, and tenderhearted.  He loved to laugh, knew how to make others laugh, and enjoyed his friends.  I never knew his family, but I saw him in the halls.  He will be remembered.

Taylor Reinshmiitd: God be with you 'til we meet again.

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