Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Week In the Field

We got an email from Elder Dewsnup on Monday. He has arrived safely!!!! (Well, we knew that from his Mission President but it was nice to finally hear from him.)

His first area is called Pilar, but more particularly their area of town is north of the Pan Americana Highway (where ever that is ;)) and his trainers name is Elder Black. He's hoping that he'll be able to send some pictures soon. When he does I'll try and post them, if he sents them through email.

He says that Dewsnup doesn't exactly translate well into Castillano which is the Spanish dialect where he is at right now. But he said that everyone that he has talked to so far is surprised with how much that he understands and can speak so far.

They are in a biking area. So, and this is for my mom, please pray that they stay safe. My mom read in the Desseret News a few weeks ago that two missionaires got hit by a car when they were biking around dusk and I know one for sure has passed on. He had just extended his mission 3 weeks and so I can't imaging how his parents felt. So please, keep him and his companion in your prayers.

The most important information is regarding when and how he receives letters. He said "...we receive them (letters) no less frequently than at transfers every six weeks. If we were in the states, you could just send things straight to our apartment adress, but here they have to go to the mission home first, where they are kept until there are either meetings with the president or we are transfered, so if I don't reply to things for a really time, chances are I haven't received it yet." So... please don't stop writting. Continue to write him. There is nothing more depressing then to find out on transfers (or whenever he gets to meet with his Mission President) that after 6 weeks he hasn't received any mail. We've gotten pretty close with the missionaires in our area here in Montana and well, it really does affect them when they don't get a letter for a week or two or more. It's important for them to recieve those letters. And better yet, they don't even have to be LETTERS but notes. Send postcards, quotes, inspiration scriptures, it doesn't have to be a long drawn out letter, but it means the world to them when they something!!!

He wanted to also apologize to those he hasn't hand written to yet. He doesn't exactly have a lot of time to write letters like he thought he would but he is doing his best. Like I said above it is more important that we write him and encourage him and are there for him then to recieve a personal response back. You can always continue to check here for his progress.

He can't believe that the last 10 weeks have flown by so fast but now that he is in Argentina he is even more excited to push forward and teach the people.

Until Next Week....

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