Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another week come and gone 3/5/12

Dear Family of Mine,

The work goes on. We have found so many more people to teach!! The
one problem with most of them is coming to church. That is the key to
almost everything. Beyond reading and praying, if they don't come to
the church, they may never feel the Spirit strognly enough to desire
baptism. We were waiting for a list of about 20 people to come to
church, who committed to come. Out of those twenty precious soulds,
only one of them came. Nine year old Sebastián, who is the friend of
a recent convert, has begun coming and has told us that he wants to
come every Sunday for the rest of his life. We are preparing him for
baptism this coming Sunday, and he's really excited for it all. We've
found so many other people through our recent converts and through old
names in our Area Book and old investigators. But by far, the most
plentiful harvest is found in referrals.

Out mission president is focusing a lot on the convept of Love, as you
all have told me was the focus in Stake Conference this weekend.
Beyond simply loving the people, we also need to gain the vision that
every visit and person we teach is a field, white for the harvest.
Even if the people themselves don't want to know anything, they often
have someone to whom they can send us. It is through that
realization, that the field is white already to harvest, that we can
truly find the people. The other focus is on opening our mouths, to
teastify, teach, and invite. I've truly been seeing miracles in our
area and in those of the other missionaries in our district and zone
through opening the mouth. Several of the recent converts already
have this vision and have been inviting other family members and
sharing the gospel with everyone they know. So many baptisms and
miracles have come from those simple invitations of those people. Two
of the recent converts we have now are starting to prepare for
missions, one of whom still has to wait for two years before she can
go. The field truly is white!!!

May we all be examples of steadfastness in this gospel, as were
Moroni, Ether, Joseph Smith, and others in the face of unrelenting
persecution. It is through that example and a simple invitation that
a miracle can occur.

In other news, my allergies have come and hit me full swing.
Yesterday, they were so bad that I was reduced to spending a lot of
time with a toilet paper roll close by to stop my nose up. And my
eyes decided to be rivers. During church, I had to return to the
apartment on an emercency split to take some benedryl, which tamed it
for the most part, but after lunch with the Bishop and his family, we
had to return to the apartment once again. Stupid allergies.

And so it goes. I love you all!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

With Love,

Elder Dewsnup

p.s. pictures will have to wait a little longer. This computer
doesn't work all that well. Plus also, Mr. Fredrickson from Up lives
in our area and is a masterful cook.

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