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Moving on Down the Line 7/30/12

My Dearest Family,

The Peanut Butter is almost gone.  Probably enough now for only two sandwiches.  I guess some things just never change... ;)

Ok, Mom mentioned some things in her email to me that are making me look like o.O  I think I heard that Minion is Megan and Marvin's Junior, so does that make Sharkbait Sarah and Brandon's?  Sincerely, confused Uncle Dweebus.

And in the Argentine news, or at least the news that pertains work progresses.  I can't remember what I've been sharing with you all about Belén (different one than from Lopez Camelo), but things progressed there a whole truck load.  Last Sunday, she told us that she didn't want to get baptized but that she wanted to keep talking with us about the church.  On Wednesday we had an appointment with her again.  At first it seemed like everything was going wrong.  We got there and there wasn't any other man there, which means that we can't enter the house, and it was too cold to have a lesson outside.  So rather than just say, "oh, we'll just come back tomorrow," we went a block and a half away and asked a Brother if he could come with us briefly.  He agreed and we returned.  Then just as we were about to start the appointment, the power went out, and Belén had to go buy candles.  We waited and lit the candles when she returned, then started a half hour late.  But the wait was well worth it.  We had I think the most spiritual lesson that I have been in in my mission.  We focussed so much on teaching by the Spirit and shared several scriptures.  We also left room for several pauses to let the Spirit testify of what we were teaching.  It was amazing!!  She felt in the lesson that she needed and wanted to get baptized, to the point that she actually said it outloud to us.  Later I asked her where she felt that impression came from, and she replied that she knew it came from God.  Then when we finished the lesson, she said the prayer, kneeling for the first time, and specifically asked if she should be baptized and if this was the true church.  The Spirit was so strong in that moment that she started crying.  I was close to that point, as were Elder Buxton, the brother with us, and her grandmother (who has refused to accept any invitation on our part other than listen when we teach).  It was just such an amazing experience with the Spirit and has reinforced my testimony so much.  For now she has let some other fears creep back in, but we keep reminding her of that experience and encouraging her.  We hope that she will enter the waters of Baptism this weekend.

In sadder news, one of the investigators we were teaching, Carmen, had a heart attack last Tuesday and passed away.  It was a really rough moment, especially for Clara, Mirta and Yeni.  When we found out, we shared the scripture in Alma 30 that talks about the spirits of the just and how as part of the Plan of Salvation she still has the opportunity to continue learning there and have the work done for her in the Temple.  They were comforted by that, and still are very interested in continuing to listen.  It was an experience that I don't hope to have again soon, but it was a spiritually eye-opening testimony to me again of the beauty of the Gospel and what we enjoy as members of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Juan was confirmed a member yesterday and has agreed to accompany us to certain visits this week, so we are now hoping to help him prepare to enter the temple and serve his own mission.  He doesn't understand as much, but as he begins this path, now armed with the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost, he will begin to learn more quickly and readily.  I think it will also help him greatly to teach with us.

We are still having difficulties contacting Ana and Guillermo again, and that is because they live in one of those gated communities.  You need to have documents to get in unless they come get you at the gate, and they haven't answered our calls for the last two weeks.  But we're working on it.

We're also trying to improve our ways to find new investigators, because we're struggling with that.  We've discussed several methods we can use and have decided on a few of them, so I hope that those produce more fruit this week.

Well, I have just been told that the internet café where we are writing from is closing in 5 minutes, so I'm going to have to close here for the week.  Know that I love you all and think about you often.  I pray for you and am looking forward to the experiences that I will hear about you next week.

With Love,
Elder Dewsnup

P.S.  The photos attached are of Maria Saldaña's baptism, Victoria's baptism, Me with Elders Black, Buxton, and Jorquera, and Nahuel's baptism!  

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