Sunday, December 16, 2012

Onward, Ever Onward


I'm feeling happy today.  On Thursday I had the privilege of baptizing Thiago and tonight Patricio will enter the waters of baptism!  This week has been good in that sense.  Dad mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that when he was in the offices, it was great to balance out those frustrations with the spirituality of proselyting.  It's so true.  Dealing with situations in which less than wise people make certain rash decisions is not fun.  Also getting yelled at or complained to about such rash decisions or mistreatments doesn't make me that happy either.  The spirituality that comes when we leave the office to teach and baptize makes the day worth it.

In the differences that present themselves in the street and the challenging situations, we found a rather large group of young men our age with whom we have an appointment today.  A few days ago, we talked with a lady on the street and asked for her address.  She gave it to us and then continued.  Last night we were praying about where we should go to find new investigators and this lady came to mind.  So we went to the house and knocked.  No one answered.  So we knocked at the neighbor´s house, who said that the lady moved a few months ago and this neighbor didn't want anything either.  We tried asking her for referrals, but she wouldn't give us any.  So we tried the house across the street, at which a frustrated older gentleman came out.  He was a taxi driver who had to leave to work and we had interrupted his quick dinner.  He didn't want anything either, but he gave us the name and address of a lady down the street.  We didn't find her, but we talked with a group of about four young men two doors down who were in the front yard of their house finishing some yardwork task.  We started talking with them about Jesus and about how prayer can bring miracles and answers.  They were intrigued and invited us to come back today when their whole group of friends will be there, about twenty strong.  These are potential priesthood holders who can serve missions!!!


Yes I just did a wave of exclamation marks.  THIS IS SO EXCITING!  Okay, now to move on.

Patricio and Graciela were married yesterday and Patricio will be baptized tonight by his son-in-law.  It was a great wedding and Elder Abaroa made a wedding cake for them.  Don't think professional, but think of a decent cake.

Anyway.  I need to get back to updating contracts.  P-Day won't be much of a P-Day this week.  I have some things I need to catch up on that will be taking a bit of time before we go to our lesson with those young men.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hugs all around!!!!

Elder Dewsnup

P.S.  When will you be doing the next family shoot?  Christmas?

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