Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Talkin' on the Tundra 2/11/13

Dearest Family,

Ok, so I haven't really taken on any "tundra" yet, but the days are progressively getting from cold to colder. When I got here, the sun was up long before we were and it set about the time we went to bed (The schedule here is half hour delayed time due to the sun, so we get up at 7:00 am and go to sleep at 11:00 pm.). But now, well, the sun is still up before we are, but it's already gone by about 9:45. I've been told that in winter, it doesn't show up until almost 10:00 in the morning and goes down before 6:00 in the evening. That'll be an interesting change.

Heads up on some needs of mine, before long I'll need to start replacing some shirts that look... less than white. Also, I don't know if I'll need boots for the snow here. They say it won't start to snow until about May, but you never know exactly. Also, the reason I haven't bought a camera yet here is because there really isn't a place to do it. I've been thinking about sending some money with a member to Ushuaia or Rio Grande where the big camera stores are and just saying, "if you spend more than I gave you I'll pay back the rest when it gets here."

Plus also, I got the new year's letter, but if the other side is supposed to have pictures, none of those came through. A scan and send as attachment might be better in this case.

Sarah, I'll start taking those pictures of specific places. Is there anywhere in particular you want me to visit that's within about 5 miles either direction of Tolhuin? We have a brother here who wants to take us to a few different spots, but if you've got a request, we might be able to make it.

Most of the houses here are wood built, entirely, with the exception of a cement floor in most cases. The other houses have tin-wrapped outer walls which are nailed to wood or steel frames with plywood or similar boarding on the inside, painted in many cases. There are few houses made out of brick and cement, but not many because they don't keep heat well. That's the reason for the wood. Many don't even have a cement floor, but are raised up on stilts or level trunks and placed on top. I always think of the wise man song when I see them, and I think it's a good thing that there is almost no danger here of flooding. The worst is fire danger (and even then...).

Mom corrected me on my picture captions, the two Patricio's are typos and his real name is Francisco. We've now lost there presence here in Tolhuin because they've taken a three-ish week trip up to Jujuy (Hoo-Hooey) to pick up their newly adopted 5 month old daughter. They showed us some pictures and she's adorable, but we'll miss visiting with them while they're gone and when they come back, they'll have more responsibility with the baby. But things are moving along.

Yesterday, before the meetings, we had a great lesson with a young man (maybe 26ish) named Javier. We'd given him the pamphlets of the first three lessons (the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ) so he was relatively familiar with that material, but he had more questions about something that we'd talked about before. So we shared and explained more about eternal families and the priesthood. He's quietly enthusiastic and excited to learn more. He's not like me and Sarah in our excitement (we tend to get loud and super happy). He's more like Dad, smiles and bright eyes. But he wants to receive the priesthood. The bad thing is that he works out of town all week and get's back sometime between Friday and Saturday night. So weekends are our only times to share with him. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd start reading it this week (he takes the stuff to his job site). So, we're hoping to see some progress there.

Annie going to work was adorable! More Zayne and Royce!

Please in letters don't mention my approaching doom's day. I'd rather stay completely focused on the people and not start thinking of home before it's time. Just a heads up.

I was a little shocked to see that my grocery bill last week was as low as it was in American dollars. I spent almost $250 Argentine pesos and it only came out to $48 dollars. O.o

We've been getting to know a little bit more of Tolhuin as we have walked more than taught in this last week, but I hope to be seeing less of the streets and more of the inside architecture in this coming week.

I love you all! And now sadly I have to get going.

Love and Prayers heading your way,
Elder Dewsnup

P.S. The general authority, Elder Wilhelm, did not gome through Tolhuin, and with all the dust and dirt all over (that's what the roads are for the most part) we have a daily battle to keep the place passable.

P.S.S. Lake Fagnano is also called Khamie (Weird spelling if you ask me), but no one uses that name.

P.S.S.S. I feel like Mater putting on add ons like that ;D (Cars 2).

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