Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 7/22/13


This is an interesting time. I have two months left.

We're having a really hard time finding new investigators, but at the same time, we're meeting a bunch of new people. We've been going through the ward list trying to find out who really lives here and who doesn't and where those who don't live here anymore moved to. We're getting information through that and cleaning the list out and we've met a bunch of people through that. This week we actually have a lot of appointments set already with several new people. We're hoping that we can get those people going on all the different things.

As for the birthday box, I thought I'd mentioned a few weeks ago that I got it. When I came up from the south, it was already in the office waiting for me. I cheated and opened it right then. I kinda needed the socks that I knew were there ;) Thanks for the goodies, the tie, the socks and other items that were there.

I feel weird with this being so much closer to the time I will be coming home. It almost doesn't feel real to me yet. I know it's coming and I'm very aware of it, but it's still weird to me.

Not many people knew it was my birthday yesterday. I only told people when my birthday was if they asked, and even then, a few of them forgot. No biggie for me. One family did invite us for goodies towards the end of the night. Just as well, if all the sisters in the ward knew, they'd have made me something, and then I'd have ended up gaining ten pounds in a day... No joke, the sisters here love feeding the elders and some of them complain if they can't give the Elders food at least once a month.

Sorry, I won't be writing much more this time. My mind is really jumbled right now, thinking about a whole bunch of different things all at once. Know that I love you and my thoughts and prayers are with you often.



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