Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"The Next Week" 4/2/12

{This is Megan... sorry I'm so behind. Life got in the way again and hopefully I'll be better at it. Here are Matthews letters from the last month and a half. They will be posted one day at a time. So look back over the next few days to few his progress.}

Dear Family,
WOW!!  There have been many things that I want to comment on, but once again time is limitted, less so than before, but nonetheless limitted.
First, Conference was amazing!!  We were in the Stake Center for the whole thing, except the Priesthood Session.  We missed that because of the hour of the day (already 9:00 when it started) and will see it this week and next in two parts.  And I also missed the last half of Elder Pieper's address, along with Elder Anderson and President Monson from the last session due to a faulty internet connection.  But imagine my surprise when Uncle Ralph's name was called.  Everyone in the room turned to look at me.  I was pretty sure that it was him, the only thing I wasn't sure of was his middle initial, but the rest fit.  Now I have the confirmation from you all, so send him greetings and knowledge of my thoughts, prayers, and support for him.
So many addresses that were brilliant!  But one that stays with me most is President Uchtdorf's on forgiveness.  There were also at least 4 talks about raising families, one I thought fit well with Dad's theme of Love (I can't remember who right now), and a few others that spoke loudly to me about vision to see ahead.  The area presidency and mission president have all been focusing on having us receive the Lord's vision for us, meaning His will for the people in our area, at this time, and under these circumstances.  I have a feeling that President Gulbrandsen will be using those talks as a focus for a few of his future letters and conferences.
Next bit of news, transfers have called Elder Tidei away from Lopez Camelo to another part of the vineyard.  My new companion is Elder Verges (pronounced bear-hess') from Cordoba Argentina.  He will be leaving this mission soon to serve in Salt Lake, he has only been waiting for his Visa.
We are now out of time for today; but know that my prayers are with you. I love you all!  More real news next week!
Elder Dewsnup

Elder Matthew H. Dewsnup
MisiĆ³n Buenos Aires Norte
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Fernando
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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