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"Week 30" 4/23/12

Hello All,

Due to circumstances out of our control (stupid waits for busses,
filled public servers, etc.) my time is less than preferable. As such
I apologize now for the short size of this email.

This past week has seen some pretty good things. We've been working a
lot with several new people here in Lopez Camelo. Among them are
three boys, Nicolás, Jonatan, and Kevin. In order they are 13, 8, and
9. We've visited them as a group mostly. When we first found them,
it was the first week of the Transfer. It was a Friday evening and we
were going to have an activity in the church at about 7:00. We passed
a large group of boys in that age range and Elder Verges invited them
to the activity. The majority of that group came to the activity,
then to church that Sunday. Since then we have been visiting with
them almost daily, teaching them a lot about the church. They all
loved the first Sunday and really actually payed attention in
Sacrament Meeting (which is more than I can say for myself at that
age). We taught them just about everything we have to teach, minus
the few things that are saved for after baptism. Of that group, those
three boys that I mentioned above accepted the invitation to be
baptized. I am pleased to report to all of you that through their
effort, understanding, and surprising love for the church at that age,
they were baptized yesterday. I had the privilege of baptizing
Nicolás, while Elder Verges baptized the other two boys. All three
will be confirmed the following Sunday and Nicolás will then be
interviewed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

Those three boys are such wonderful examples. When they were baptized
they invited their families to come and participate in the meetings
and then be present at their baptisms. Almost the whole family of
Nico and Jona were their, their mom, older sister, and her boyfriend.
From Kevin's family, only his older sister came to the baptism. But
all were impressed with the services and today and throughout this
week we will be working with them to invited them to partake of the
happiness that their sons/brothers have already tasted.

In this sense, I love the story of Lehi's dream in chapter 8 of 1
Nephi. Once Lehi tasted of the fruit, knowing of it's sweetness and
how much it was a thing to be desired, the first thing he did was look
for his family to share it with them. I hope that with time, work on
our part, and the witness of the Holy Ghost, their families will also
partake of the fruit of the Gospel.

We've also been working with another group of people. Two friends,
and their sisters, and another friend. As far as we can tell, their
parents want nothing to do with us, but have absolutely no problem
with them participating in the discussions. Their names are Belen and
Zulma (the two friends) who respectively have 17 and 18 years.
Belen's sisters Micaela and Macarena, and Zulma's sister Maria, along
with their other friend Cristian, have also accepted the lessons.
Belen and Zulma have also accepted the baptismal invitation and
assuming no problems arise will be batized this coming Sunday and all
the rest within a few weeks.

I continue learning more each day about the missionary purpose, which
I looked up in English the other day, and saw that it is to "Invite
others to come unto Christ byaccepting the Restored Gospel through
faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism,
receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end."
Through continually talking to everyone about our message, we have
been able to find many more people. Perhaps many of those will soon
stop listening to us, but I came to realize that if we don't talk and
speak out, they won't even be able to choose whether or not to listen.
I keep realizing that I can't fear to speak and invite, but rather I
should fear staying quiet. I also remembered something else that our
President said to me in my interview with him. He said that God would
not ask me at the judgement how many people I baptized. God doesn't
care about the number of people I personally baptize. Rather He would
ask me how many people I invited to be baptized. I have no control
over the number of people I baptize, because in the end they are the
ones who make the decision to do so or not. What I do have control
over is how many people I talk to and invite to partake of the
sweetness that is this Gospel.

I have a testimony of this work. It is true. I know it as surely as
I know that God lives. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Brother,
and as long as I follow Him, my Friend (I believe that comes from John
15). I love you all. Stand firm in the faith. As Alma explains, our
faith begins as a seed but with care it will grow to be a mighty tree.
With all my heart, I know it's true.

Elder Dewsnup

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