Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feliz Navidad! 6/25/12

Dear Family,

¡Feliz Navidad!  Ok, so maybe it's not Christmas, but it is June 25 and halfway there.  Besides, it feels like the Christmas I'm used to finally.  Cold weather. ish...  But there's too much sun and I haven't seen any snow since the MTC.  But that's enough on that subject.

Alejo was baptized yesterday.  Elder Buxton performed the ordinance.  It is so awesome to see the progress of that family.  And Claudia and Beto are continuing to work on their document problems so they can get married.  We are going to begin teaching the lessons over again with them for retention purposes and also to help them begin doing their own deeper studies.  They are such a wonderful family!   We've also started working with a few new families and people, all of which are steadily progressing.  The biggest thing is just getting them to church.  One of them, Claudio, is having trouble getting Sundays off work and has started looking for a new job that will give him that opportunity.  It's so awesome to see the desires and efforts of people to continue in the church.

My scripture study has braught me this morning to Ether 6, which means I'll be finishing the Book of Mormon in a few days.  Something that I loved, as I was finishing Mormon, were the words "doubt not, but be believing."  They help.  As I have read the Book of Mormon, one of the phrases that has jumped out to me more than usual has been "trust in God," usually paired with a short description of faith, patience, diligence, and an example to follow.  The stories are so awesome!  Once I finish reading the Book this time, it will mark the completion of my fourth time reading it and I plan on starting right back from the beginning.  It's just, I don't know, there aren't all that many words to describe how I feel about the Book of Mormon.  I know it's true.  I know it's scripture and that studying from it along with the Bible will help us learn.

I love you all!!!!!!!

Elder Dewsnup

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