Monday, July 16, 2012


Dearest Family,
I considered putting "aloha" in the subjext line.  But I don't really have any time today.  We did some extra travelling today on top of playing soccer with a couple of other companionships and members.  It was pretty sweet and I scored a few goals.
The Silva family continues to progress.  The 14 year old boy, Roni, was baptized on Sunday and the 12 year old boy, Alejo, will be baptized the this Sunday.  The parents are having some document problems that are preventing them from getting married right now, but they're trying everything to get this put in order.
Yesterday, we found 5 new investigators which is pretty awesome since we've been having trouble finding new people to teach.  But there will be more news on them as it comes.  For now, I have to go.
A very Happy (belated) Father's Day to Dad, Brandon, and Marvin.  As well as Grandpa Robinson and Grandpa Dewsnup!  My love to you all!!!!
Elder Dewsnup

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