Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wishes 1/14/13

Dear Family,

My wishes are that you all have an absolutely wonderful week.

My wishes also include new investigators, since the ones we have are not really progressing that well. In fact we've almost lost the majority of them. One family moved, two others are on vacation, another family is having serious doubts of revelation that they received, and the last is going through some pretty bad back pain. On the whole this week was a little disappointing, but the silver lining is just hiding from me at the moment.We also pretty much deep cleaned the majority of the apartment today and we got rid of some junk. The bathroom looks better, but I can't figure out how the bath tub got so stained. The both of us took turns scrubbing with a dish sponge, then a scrub brush, then steel wool, and nothing really worked... ... ... Well, keep moving forward.

We've been double and triple checking ourselves and have set some new goals for how to get the work going a little faster in the area and we'll be putting some of the in practice today. We've also got a couple of projects going to help the work move better, but those are coming along slower than I'd like. On the whole, though, things are good. It's hot and humid and my companion marvels at the waterfalls that increasingly pour off my head. I swear, even my hair is crying for me to get out of the heat :D

The letters you've sent to me today are being printed to read later; we're in a bit of a rush to get a bunch of other things done today before the transfer ends on Sunday. So, I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful week. Give the kidlets kisses and hugs from Unca Ma, and know that I pray for you.


Elder Dweebu... I mean Dewsnup ;D

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