Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm ok 2/26/13

Dear family,

Sorry this is a day late. We did some sight seeing with a brother here and we were out much longer than planned or wanted... And despite a few attempts at rushing a bit to get back on time to write, we only got back in time to go proselyting. We got permission from President Gulbrandsen to write today.

But as a consequence, this will be a shorter note, I mean letter.

Sarah will be pleased to know that we got to know Hidden Lake and more of Lake Fagnano (khami lake). There's another lake called Cami Lake, but I'm still not sure where that is and we didn't visit there. Some pictures at the end of the message.

Well, Rocco was baptized last Saturday with his little brother who just turned 8 two weeks ago. So it was a double baptism. This time we went to the chapel in Chacra, one of the neighborhoods in Rio Grande. Elder Jackson is one of the two Elders there, so we had a short reunion during the baptism, since they had to prepare the building for the baptism. Pictures are also included. And I made the refreshments. Home-made frosted donuts. It turned out better than I expected, but not as tasty as I hoped. The powdered sugar here is not as fine as it is in the States.

Returning to the theme of the baptism, Elder Rosazza baptised Rocco, and his brother Valentin was baptized by a convert named Ramon. It was his first time baptizing someone, and he was a little nervous, but it went very well.

Um... Not much else exciting has happened, we've been walking a lot, and Elder Rosazza claims that I've lost weight, but I won't believe it until I see a scale. I still feel just as... round... as I have been for quite some time.

As for letters and packages, I think I have not explained myself well. Letters get sent directly to the mission office. Once there, they are kept in a file until there are interviews, a zone conference, or transfers. So while anyone is in the north, they get at least 1 and sometimes 2 chances per transfer to receive their mail. In the south it's a little more complicated. The letters still arrive at the mission office, and once there, they are kept in a box with our zone label on it. The second week of every transfer, that box is sent south with all other items requested for the area. Also, President and Sister Gulbrandsen often bring letters with them for conferences and interviews, which also take place once a transfer.

Packages, are received the same way, unless they go through customs. Every three weeks, the Elders in the offices go pick up all the packages that are waiting in the customs office. From there, they get to the mission office and are delivered as normal mail and packages. The exception is that with packages south, President and Sister Gulbrandsen don't usually bring them, because that is a lot of added weight to their baggage that they would have to pay, so if it's a larger package, it just comes with the requested items.

So, minimum time to receive a letter/package is about two to three weeks. Maximum time is about six to seven weeks, eight or nine if the Elder is not transferred from his area (therefore doesn't go to the offices to pick up mail).

Well, that about sums up the scoop of bland vanilla ice cream this week. I hope that next week it'll be something more exotic, like, strawberry cheescake, or maricuy√° (a tropical fruit... Soooooo good).


Elder Dewsnup

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