Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tell Everybody... 4/15/13

Dear Family,

I'm on my way!! Mom let me know while telling me a story that I had 5 months left. It's a reality, and I'm more at peace with it now. I guess I have no problems with you talking about it. Besides, It's something that I have in mind all the time while trying not to dwell on it.

But in "cooler" news, we had another baptism last Saturday. Luis, who received the Aaronic Priesthood Conference Sunday was able to baptize his nephew, Francisco. He, along with Ezequiel and Ivan, was confirmed yesterday in Sacrament Meeting. We're planning on helping them receive the priesthood this week and we'll be teaching a lot about enduring to the end and missionary work, from the view of a member. These three youth will become the future leaders of the church and as such will need to start now to prepare for that responsibility. It's so cool to think about it all. The baptism was held in the portable pool in Luis' back yard. The water heater ran out of hot water earlier than hoped, so the water was pretty darn cold. However, the alternative was the lake, and I think the pool was warmer than that would have been...

I think I've caught the flu bug. I started to feel it this morning with a mildly scratchy throat, but as I write, my body aches from the waist up and I feel slightly dizzy with a currently mild head ache. Luckily no queasiness yet. If I'm lucky, it's just a small cold bug, but only time will tell.

Leter on today we'll be going over to Luis's house to work on the construction of a small warehouse in his back yard that could become the temporary meeting house here. It'll be about twice the size of Antonela's house, and situated almost in the middle of everything. For the moment, it's just going to be an extra warehouse for his work shop, but he said that if the church needed it, the warehouse would serve first for that. He's such a stud! He also wants me to cut his hair today... We'll see how much he has left. I'll be sure to take pictures...

Speaking of pictures, the ones I took of the baptism didn't turn out all that well, so I'd rather just wait to show them to you when I return home. Besides, I can explain all about it at that moment too.

I love you ALL!! Stay strong in the faith and Remember who you are!

Matthew Dewsnup

Elder Matthew H. Dewsnup

MisiĆ³n Buenos Aires Norte
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Fernando
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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