Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At the Peak 9/29/12

Querida Familia,

Os estoy escribiendo hoy de la mitad de la misión.  En éste punto tan grande en mi vida hasta ahora, llega el momento de pensar en que necesito mejorar.  Hay tanto para hacer que ni siquiera puedo hacer el diez por ciento del trabajo.  Pero, los amo, con todo mi corazón.  

I'm writing you today at the half point of my mission.  At this great point in my life, up to now, the moment has come to think in what I need to change.  There's so much to do that I can't even do one tenth of the work.  But I love you, with all my heart.

I've been reflecting a lot this last week on all that I havce to do and all that I need to do, and all that I want to accomplish.  I know there's not time enough to do it all, but I need to do my best.  There are a lot of things here that are hard to work with and a re relatively frustrating.  Working with contracts on the apartments and fizing problems... There are many things that have come back to mind of what you all have taught me.  For example, Dad shared with me various experiences about finding ways for things to be done instead of saying that they can't be done.  That is one of my biggest jobs here.  I have to find ways for things to be done, in a timely manner, and at the lowest cost possible.   This position is really helping me to realize the importnce of tithing and the role it plays in the Gospel and the Church.  It is true that God does not need money, but to get things to happen in this world, without having a fund behind it, this church would have fallen years ago.  But those funds are sacred and need to be taken care of and watched more carefully than even a personal account.  It is astounding as well to see how little some people understand the importance of tithing.

We all know Mom and Dad's story of tithing.  That miracle has helped a few people here understand the gifts that can come from paying tithing, and it has also helped me understand even more importantly why it is that tithing is so important.  It is through the tithing funds that the missionary program can even continue.  It is through tithing funds that temples and chaples are built and maintained.  It is through tithing funds that we receive many of the blessings that we enjoy as members (the printing of church materials, copies of the Book of Mormon, etc.).

I love you all!!!  

Elder Matthew H. Dewsnup
Misión Buenos Aires Norte
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Fernando
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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