Saturday, November 10, 2012

Estoy Feliz 10/20/12

Dear Family,

HAPPY DAYS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR FAMILY!!!!!!  WELCOME ZAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope he can feel his crazy uncle's love from so far away.  One has now been welcomed and one more awaits!  

Well, there are many things that have been happening and progressing in each of our lives.  With the arrival of Zayne and the anticipation of Minion, there is an abundance of joy that we are feeling together as a family.  I am sure that that joy is shared by each and every one of us.

This morning, in my studies, I came across a few things that I felt to share with all of you.  I read Mosiah 21-24.  Here we can see the same trials endured by two different groups of people and how they reacted to those trials.  In the first two chapters, we read of Limhi, son of King Noah, and his people after the death of his father.  They were brought into bondage by the Lamanites and for a long time were subject to them, being forced to pay a tribute of 50% of all they had.  Gaurds were posted around their land and often they entered among the people and beat them, placing heavy burdens on their backs as if they were pack animals.  After a while, the men had had enough and asked Limhi permision to try to force the Lamanites off their land.  They went to battle, and were beaten.  Widow's and children's cries were so strong that it provoked the remaining men to anger enough to drive them to battle again.  Again, they were driven back.  And a third time they went, with the same results.  Finally, they were brought down so low, the scripture says they were himiliated unto the dust, unto the depths of humility, and then they cried unto God for deliverence.  They tried on their own three times to free themselves, but they never achieved freedom.  We are told that the Lord was slow to hear their cries because of their iniquities, but he began to lighten their burdens.  It was still a long time before the Lord judged it time for them to be delivered before they finally achieved their freedom.

The Lamanite army that followed their escape ended up getting lost in the wilderness and by chance found the people of Alma, who had escaped from King Noah before Limhi became king.  This Lamanite army promised to Alma that they would leave them alone if Alma would help them return to their lands.  But they broke their promise.  Alma and his people were surrounded by Lamanite gaurds and were also subjected to servitude.  The difference here is that even before this happened, they began to cry to God for help and strength.  When they were forbidden to pray vocally, they continued to pray in their hearts.  After so much faith was shown, God promised them that their burdens would be lightened, even though He hadn't judged it the right time to liberate them.  Nevertheless, they continued to show faith, they continued to be patient and to endure.  Finaly the voice of the Lord came and told them to prepare because they would be liberated that night.  After a full day's journey, they set up camp and immediately prayed to thank God.  He then immediately warned them to keep going because the army of the Lamanites was following them.  They then kept on their way until they reached the land of Zarahemla.

What I learned here was the better way to deal with trials.  When we try to go on our own strength, we can continually fall, but when we rely on God and His matchless power, we can eventually be freed from all forms of bondage.  It is the same with any trial, problem, and temptation.  It is so interesting.  It is something that is so aplicable to everything we do in life.  I've been experiencing some really hard moments.  Things at times have appeared much larger than I could deal with.  I know that through the Atonement, we can make it through anything, even if we suffer consequences first.  I love you all

Elder Dewsnup

P.S. the pictures are one of my old broken shoes and a "Mormon Ad" that I drew myself about three months ago.  The translation to English is "Reach,  His hand is extended all the day long"

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